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The Digging Deeper, Reaching Further (DDRF) curriculum was created to increase LIS professionals’ understanding of text data mining and equip them with skills to engage with the evolving data-intensive research landscape. It makes use of tools from the HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC), though the hands-on activities are not all HathiTrust-specific. The materials can be used by learners from all institutions, and can be adapted for non-library audiences. 

The DDRF curriculum intends to provide a general introduction, and the emphasis is on key topics, processes, and approaches. It offers an overview of programming concepts and computational methods, but is not a how-to-code workshop.

Getting started

Curricular materials are provided in two versions:

  • A master version for the full 6-hour workshop, including set-up, activities, and more (below)
  • A “separated” version with the files for each module broken out (here)

Teach the curriculum using your choice of the reusable slides, handouts, lesson plans, instructor guides, and activity files. Modify, mash-up, and make use of these materials as you see fit! All content is licensed under a CC NC-BY license.

Re-use guide for adapting the materials: Word|PDF


Master Documents

Access each module’s individual components

Set-up & Exercise Files


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