The DDRF learning modules

In order to make the workshop materials flexible and reusable, early-on in the development process the DDRF curriculum group decided to draft the content in the form of learning modules. The modules relate to competencies in digital scholarship, as well as tie into particular HTRC tools and services. All except the introductory module have corresponding hands-on activities to reinforce the learning objectives established by the curriculum group.

There are five modules in the current pilot curriculum:

  1. Introduction to the HathiTrust and to text analysis
  2. Gathering textual data
  3. Managing and curating textual data
  4. Performing text analysis
  5. Visualizing textual data with HathiTrust+Bookworm

As we pilot the workshops this fall and gather assessment from attendees, we will have the opportunity to evaluate and modify the modules before we finalize the curriculum in the third year of the grant.